How to Try on a Bikini & How to select Bikini

1 Pear-shaped women typically have a smaller top half, with wider hips and a shapely behind. When picking a bikini, pear-shaped women should stick to high-waisted designs that show off their curves. Steer clear of ruching, draping and pleating, as well as thick-banded bottoms, which will only serve to draw attention to the area. To conceal your hips, tie the bikini or a sarong with the ends drifting down one side of your body and opt for wedges to lengthen your legs.

2 If, like around 40% of women, you take a D cup or above, opt for a triangle top that ties at the neck; good support is vital for spreading your bust out width-wise while lounging around the pool. As for the bottom half, opt for substantial briefs to emphasize your derrière and balance your top half. Color wise, darker or brighter hues are the most flattering; avoid pale shades like the plague.


3 If you're proportionally smaller on top with, say, an A or B cup, these tips are for you. Bandeau-style bikini tops are perfect for cheating a cleavage, as are ruffled tops. If you really want to go the extra mile, snap up a padded pushup top for extra lift. Accessory-wise, add lots of bracelets - including the oh-so-now gold tattoo jewelry - to draw attention to your arms, giving you a wider outline.

4 If you have a big bust, hips and thighs, it's all about highlighting rather than concealing your curves, while simultaneously providing enough support and coverage. Asymmetrical suits are perfect for drawing attention to the neckline, while color blocking can help highlight your shape. Bigger bikini bottoms will help smooth things out. Choose eye-catching accessories that distract from your tummy - such as white-rimmed shades and a beach basket or bag.

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