The Most Fashion Clothing styles for Women in the world Top 6 Clothing Styles in Amazon Aliexpress Tiktok

1 Category 1 Youth & sweet series Style

● target population

The 18-24-year-old / 25-30-year-old girl is a lovely girl with girlish temperament, romantic and dreamlike color in her heart, and keeps her green, pure, innocent and lovely.

● secondary style

Sweet heart French

Preppy style academic style

Lolita style Lolita

● keywords

Elegant, colorful, lace, embroidery, broken flowers, bow, long skirt, big hem, ruffle edge, lovely, lively, pink, pure, flowers, A-shaped skirt, lace, refreshing, dreamy, lattice, stripe, vest, wool, windbreaker, youth, lively, bright and relaxed

Youth & sweet series Style

2 Category 2: personalized Street series Style

● target population

It is suitable for students aged 18-24 / 25-30 who are highly sensitive to trends and fashion workers.

● secondary style

Hip hop style

Sporty chic sport

Skateboarding style

Outdoor sports

Gothic Style Gothic

● style keywords

Neutral, trendy, silhouette, shoulder drop, irregular, color contrast, splicing, large color block, exaggeration, multi-element, creativity, mix and match, graffiti, camouflage, splicing, color contrast, mix and match, navel exposed, silhouette, wild, street, military industry, rivet, badge, metal, hole, chain, PU, splicing, embroidery, medieval, Gothic, ruffle, lace, mesh, cross, skeleton Holes, rivets, chains, ties

 personalized Street series Style

3 Style category 3: elegant ol series

● target population

Applicable to working women aged 25-30 / 31-35.

● secondary style

Office lady commute

Business casual

Normcore neutral

Formal dress

England style

Retro fashion

● style keywords

Elegant, dignified, intellectual, generous, gentle, formal, capable, neat, suit suit suit, tight, straight, waist closed, straight, high waist, silk, falling feeling, shoulder pad, white-collar, elegant, light, mature, capable, simple and atmospheric

 personalized Street series Style


4 Style category 4: Urban sexy series

● target population

18-24 years old / 25-30 years old, urban fashionable women who pursue fashion, like fitness, love outdoor sports and have a healthy body.

● secondary style

Evening party sexy

Nightclub fashion

Kim Kardashian style beautiful black sexy style

Y2K style

● style keywords

Sexy, tight, hip up, Hip Wrap Skirt, bandage skirt, nightclub, party, gorgeous, oblique shoulder, ruffle edge, straight neck, trumpet sleeve / pants, hollowed out, lace, lace, tassel, printing, waist closing, high / low waist, exposed navel, broken hole, wide leg, Harlan

elegant ol series

5 Style category 5: comfortable and simple series comfort & simple series

● target population

18-24 years old / 25-30 years old / 31-35 years old, with a wide audience and adapt to people who live and work flexibly at home.

Applicable occasions: home leisure, rest, work and fitness.

● secondary style

Basic & casual

Minimalist minimalism

Athleisure fashion

● style keywords

Comfortable, casual, loose, skin friendly, plain color, gray, white, pure cotton, home, sports, chiffon, silk, Orthodox, stripe, dot, sweat absorption, warmth preservation, wind resistance, quick drying, elasticity and priming


comfortable and simple series comfort & simple series

6 Style category 6: ethnic tribe series INDIE FOLK series

● target population

18-24 years old / 25-30 years old / 31-35 years old, mentally independent, free and uninhibited independent women.

● secondary style

Bohemian style

Ankara style African Ankara style

Lagenlook fashion style

Sicilian fashion Italian Sicilian style

Hippie fashion hippie style

Urban Gypsy fashion

● style keywords

Bohemia, Gypsy, Turkey, hippie, tassel, suede, cloak, broken flower, lace, cowboy, tribal decoration, Datura painting, silver decoration, weaving, tie dyeing, buckle, retro and loose

ethnic tribe series INDIE FOLK series


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