How to Choose Jeans for Women


Denim is diverse. There are nearly as many styles as there are men. That can make finding the ultimate pair of jeans a nightmare. You have to consider the fit, the rise, the size, and the material. Even the savviest shopper can be left scratching their chin. For the rest of us, there’s this handy guide.

Women Jeans

Here’s how to find the best jeans for your body, and how to accessorize them the right way with cool men’s bracelets and necklaces.

The Fit: The Most Common Jean Cuts for Men
When shopping for a new pair of jeans, the first consideration is the cut or fit. Men’s jeans typically come in five different cuts. In case you’ve forgotten what they are, here’s a little primer:

Wide Leg Jeans for Women

• Skinny Cut: These jeans are skinny from top to bottom, with an extra taper at the leg for good measure.
• Slim Cut: You’ll find the slim fit somewhere between skinny and regular. The slim cut tends to sit straighter on the hip, slimmer through the thigh, and narrow at the leg.
• Regular Cut: Jeans with the “regular” label are straight as can be, from the hip to the thigh and from the knee to the ankle.
• Relaxed Cut: These jeans are just what they say they are—relaxed. Nice and loose, but not necessarily baggy, they’re plenty comfortable.
• Loose Cut: Denim cut loosely offers the roomiest, baggiest ride around.
The Rise: The Four Basic Rises for Women’s Jeans

The distance from the top of the waistband to the bottom of the crotch is called the rise. Women’s jeans come in four basic rises:

• High Rise: Typically worn above the belly button, jeans that come with a high rise are ideal for heavier women. Keep the shirt tucked out.
• Mid Rise: These middling jeans are meant to touch, but not overtake, the belly button. Feel free to tuck in all you want.
• Low Rise: Wear these below the belly button for a casual, relaxed look.
• Low Crotch: For a sagging, slouchy look, there’s always the low crotch or drop crotch style. They tend to be baggy around the hips, waist, and rear.
assortment of denim jeans

High Waist Jeans

The Best Jeans for Every Body Type
Now that you know the basics, it’s time to figure out what type of jeans play up your strengths and downplay your weaknesses. The following are the best jean styles for each body type.

How to Choose Jeans if You Have an Athletic Build
Women with an athletic build tend to be bulkier, but well-defined. Their slim waists often contrast nicely with more muscular legs, chests, and buttocks. Those with the most athletic builds have both large bones and toned muscles.

• Jeans to Wear – You have a lot of options—slim, regular, or relaxed. The best way to show off your physique is to put on a pair of straight leg jeans with a low to mid rise. They should be straight at the waist and comfortable throughout the leg and thigh area.
Want to highlight your toned backside? Try to find jeans that come with small and wide-set pockets.
• Jeans to Avoid – Steer clear of baggy jeans. They’ll mask the hard-earned definition of your legs. Also, wide legged jeans will make your legs look much bigger than the upper part of your body, creating an unpleasant sense of imbalance.


Cropped Jeans
For a comfortable, stylish, and athletic look, go for women’s braided bracelets like the Hunter or the Ranger. Braided out of beautiful brown and black deerskin, both bracelets have a straight, well-proportioned design that complements the most athletic physique.

How to Choose Jeans if You Have Thin Legs
Some women have a generally thin build. Born with a fast metabolism, they don’t gain weight easily. Other women have a bigger chest and thinner legs. Whether you’re thin from top to bottom or simply down below, the right jeans can compensate for your lack of bulk.

• Jeans to Wear – Stick with slim or regular. Women with skinny legs would do well to buy a pair of straight jeans, which tend to complement a slender build. Jeans that feature a low rise also tend to flatter a thinner physique.
When it comes to material, choose heavy denim, which creates a sense of heft in an area that might otherwise lack definition.
• Jeans to Avoid – Wide leg jeans hang too loosely on thinner legs. The result is an unattractively shapeless look. The same goes for baggy jeans, which have a tendency to bunch up when there’s no girth to hold them tight.
Skinny jeans do they opposite—they draw attention to the small size of your legs and make them look downright wispy. Unless you’re comfortable with your slimness and want to accentuate the look, it’s best to avoid a slim cut.
Finally, high rise jeans have a nasty habit of flattening your rear end, further reducing the sense of definition.
• How to Accessorize – A tastefully simple bracelet like the well-proportioned Pluto will go well with the straight, full look of regular jeans. There’s also the small and elegantly intricate Origin 1, which features incredible repeating patterns inspired by the natural environment.
william henry kevlar bracelet
How to Choose Jeans if You Have Short Legs
Some men have short legs when compared with the rest of their body. That can make finding the right jeans difficult.

• Jeans to Wear – Slim straight is your best bet. Slim and straight jeans with a high rise give the impression that your legs are longer than they really are.
• Jeans to Avoid – Stay away from low rise jeans that put a spotlight on the shortness of your legs. Baggy jeans will make your legs seem wider and, therefore, stubbier.

How to Choose Jeans if You Have Wide Hips

Whether you’re a soccer player with wide, muscular hips or you were born with a little extra room in your middle, you’ll need to pay careful attention to the width of your jeans.

• Jeans to Wear – Regular, relaxed, or loose will do the job. You’re better off with straight jeans that feature an equal width from top to bottom. A high rise is also preferable. Together, they’ll create a sense of balance throughout your body. If you do choose relaxed fit, get a size bigger than usual so you’re not crowded in the crotch area.
When it comes to material, choose heavy denim, which creates a sense of heft in an area that might otherwise lack definition.
• Jeans to Avoid – Low rise jeans that sit snugly on your hips will let the world know how wide they are. Skinny jeans and jeans that taper may create a feminine hourglass figure.
• How to Accessorize– Wider, bolder bracelets like the Grandis help build on the sense of balance and uniformity. Inlaid with incredibly rare dinosaur bone and sculpted out of impressive sterling silver, the Grandis is as substantial as it gets.
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How to Choose Jeans if You Carry Extra Weight
• Jeans to Wear – Both relaxed and loose cut jeans are ideal. Not only are loose jeans more comfortable, leaving room for the hips and thighs to move, they also tend to hide excess weight. High-rise or even mid-rise jeans can also help tuck in the belly. Meanwhile, jeans that feature a cotton-lined waistband offer maximum comfort.
• Jeans to Avoid – Skinny cut and slim fit jeans are best avoided. The tight fit won’t complement your legs, and your upper body will look abnormally large when compared with your legs.

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