The Asia Lingerie History , Do you Like it?

Recently, supermodels shined in the spotlight wearing underwear at this year's Fashion Show in Shanghai. Their performance became a feast to the eyes for both men and women.

Yet, to women, the more important thing they care about is not the show, but the underwear itself.

Nice underwear must be able to protect women's bodies and display their natural beauty. In addition, it should make women feel proud of themselves, rather than shameful.

So, it really friendly to Chinese women?

"Their bras are only for women who have a 'perfect' figure," an anonymous user said on Zhihu, a Chinese question-and-answer website. The user also added that these bras do not fit as well as many domestic brands do.

As to the quality, some users complained about the brand's materials on Zhihu and the online marketplace Taobao. They said Victoria's Secret panties are not comfortable and the material looks cheap.

Some users even used the word "trash" to describe some of the brand’s products, which could only be worn once before quickly losing their shape.

On the other hand, Chinese women, especially ancient ones, had more comfortable and high-quality choices that would not allow them to doubt if their body was perfect or not.



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