Womens Bracelet Best Selection

Fashion and beautiful clothes are important, but the small details between the wrists can become the soul of the whole image. Next, let's explore how to choose the most suitable Bracelet!

1、 Choose according to hand type

Wrist slim, bone obvious type: suitable for wearing the basic style of slender bracelet, wearing a single or double is OK, can make the wrist more soft and beautiful.

Wrists rich, bones unclear type: you can choose a wider shape of the bracelet, looks beautiful and generous.

Wrist rich, bone obvious type: suitable for personalized modeling of the bracelet, let people shift attention from wrist to bracelet.

The perfect wrist with thin wrist and no obvious skeleton can choose all kinds of bracelets

2、 Choose according to skin color

White skin mm: in principle, it is suitable to wear bracelets of any color, especially the style with soft color. In addition, bright colors can make people with white skin look more glorious.

Yellow skin mm: you can choose a red bracelet, showing a deep and prudent beauty; you can also choose a light blue bracelet, which can make the yellow skin white and delicate.

Partial black skin mm: it is not suitable to wear light color bracelet. You can choose a bracelet similar to skin color or a bright bracelet with large contrast with skin color. The latter can make the dull skin color appear bright and make the wearer look more energetic.

3、 Choose according to the occasion

When attending a party, they often wear more eye-catching fashion clothes. At this time, the bracelet accessories should choose simple and colorful styles, and pay attention to the emphasis of collocation, so as to highlight personal taste.

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