How to Purchase for Swimsuits

When you buy a swimsuit, you can touch it with your hands or refer to the ingredient content table of the material to see how the material is. A good swimsuit fabric is soft and elastic. The texture of the cloth is relatively dense, and the cutting is exquisite. The elastic thread is used for sewing, so the thread will not be broken due to sports. When you try it on, the principle of fitting and comfortable is taken as the principle. If it is too large, it is easy to carry water, which will aggravate the body burden and swimming resistance. If it is too small, it will easily cause strangulation on the limbs and cause poor blood flow.

1. Fabric and structure. It is better to choose elastic fabric with more than 15% spandex content, so that the swimsuit can stretch and stretch freely with the body movement; when swimming in the swimming pool, pay attention to the adaptability of the fabric to the chlorine content in the water in the swimming pool. The swimsuit made of the most popular three-dimensional elastic fabric in the world is suitable for low-temperature water or swimming. Because this kind of fabric is more hollow, it is easy to maintain body temperature. Try to buy or not to buy imitation of the so-called "imported spandex high elastic fabric". The first is that the content of spandex in clothing fabric is generally about 15% - 20%, and the second is that the elasticity of imitation fabric is very poor after water due to the variation of composition.

2. Workmanship and safety. Because swimsuit belongs to the sports practical clothing, the tensile force is strong, it is better not to choose the style with more stitching. When the amount of movement is large, it is easy to open the line from the splicing point. At the sewing seam, three needle five thread stitch is the basic stitch, and three needle six thread stitch is the strongest. The elasticity of the thread should be consistent with the fabric stretch. The best choice for beach wear series is pleated line, which is beautiful and elastic.

3. In terms of hygiene, the surface layer of silk covered cotton swimsuit has the advantages of bright and bright chemical fiber fabric, and the inner layer is made of pure cotton, which has no irritation to the skin, and is especially suitable for people with skin allergy. The crotch of swimsuit should have interlining, and the swimsuit with lining has longer service life. Wash it in the sun.

4. In terms of safety, when swimming in natural rivers, seashore and deep water, swimsuits with large contrast with the color of water should be selected. In case of danger, the target is obvious and it is convenient for first aid.

5. Body and skin color. If the chest is too large, it is suitable for wide shoulder belt V-neck swimsuit; if the chest is too small, try to avoid Strapless swimsuit; if the chest is flat, it is suitable for the swimsuit with decorative pleats; if the hip is too large, you may choose the ultra short swimsuit; if the waist is thick and lacks moving curve, the assembled swimsuit can make up for the defect, and the effect is very good after wearing; if the leg shape is thick and short, the leg should be cut high, and the lower part should be sharp angle style; long And too thin legs lack of symmetry, flat legged swimsuit is the first choice.

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