How to select Push Up Jeans?


If you want your Butt Lifting and Sexy, the Push Up jeans is good method to help you.

There are thress kinds of ways to make that Butt Lifing Pants.

1 Add Slicon Band on the middle of Butt Part, that will using the elastic band to push up lift the Ass.

2 Add Slicon band on the Waist and add Elastic band on the butt, that is more expensive ways but the effort is good.

3 Only using Elastic and Stretchy material on the Denim Pants, then you select one size smaller Jeans for you. Smaller Jeans on your body will make it more tight and Sexy.

In short, method 1 and 2 are only fit for smaller butt. If you have big Butt, you had to select method 3..

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