What is Punk Culture

Punk spirit 


After the British Industrial Revolution, its glory seemed to be dim in the Second World War. The whole British economy is in recession and the unemployment rate is reaching a new high. Under such a background, a glittering cultural renaissance appeared in a mass of ruins, which was inferior to garbage at that time.

The revival of punk is familiar to all.

Punk is a complete derogatory word. It's the slander of the upper class or ordinary people for hooligans. It's just like the Chinese "gangster" and "hooligan". This is not wrong, because it is such a group of young people who set off a huge wave. No one in Britain in the 1960s and 1970s could have imagined that such a group of "punks" actually created today's miracle, even these "ancestors".

As the economy is bleak, the unemployment rate is rising. The whole of England is dead. Drugs, alcohol, etc. are also very hot. In this way, we can express our dissatisfaction with the society naked. In contrast to the image of a gentleman in England, there is no embellishment. The blatant swearing insults the society full of wounds. Without any melodic noise, antisocial, anti human, uncivilized, extreme factors merged into the original "punk".


Punk Culture


The original "punk" did not have internal content, he was just a way to vent. It's like you buy a fake in the store, you swear at the sky, etc. It doesn't mean anything. The earliest "punks" stood on the street, beating the beat without rhythm, playing the noise, shouting their dissatisfaction with the society and the government. Everyone avoided them in disgust. In such an environment, the initial "punks" had a way of behavior that was not different from the society. The idea is very simple. Since you don't like us, we will be us, and you don't want to affect us.

Then, these noises, these acts of naked carrying the image of a gentleman in Britain, have aroused the emotions of more and more people who are dissatisfied with the society. Some of them are painting, some of them are playing music, some of them are wearing clothes, some of them are workers, some of them are farmers, some of them are in the normal group. Under the disgusting social tone, they put aside their fake clothes and joined the "punk" team.

Their efforts give punk flesh. If the "hooligans" make the soul of punk, then these "normal" people make the flesh and blood of punk. They found a unique way to play from the noise, and quoted a lot of rock drum, bass, electric guitar music. Let punk music evolve from noise to exciting songs.

Their only purpose is to let society hear discontent, naked discontent. It's not the editorials in the newspaper.


With the rise of punk music, punk thought has been positioned. It's not profound at all. It's simple. Use my words, use what I want to say, say my dissatisfaction. With my behavior, with the behavior I want to do, to arouse the resonance of the crowd

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The appearance of soul and body doomed him to have a shell.

Suit and shoes, the symbol of England, are popular with fashion designers under the influence of punk ideas. Abandoning the traditional sense of stability. The strong national style of Scotland grid is added with the strong color of red and black. Rock elements under the metal is indispensable. Gothic edification in the bleak dress has become a punk own elements. Add more street elements, waste, rotten, broken, become the shell of punk.

When the wind blows, no one can even imagine that it can sweep across Great Britain like a tornado. In the initial punk thought keynote, more extreme, more naked also appeared. Against everything, against society, against religion, even against humanity. Androgyny, waste, drugs, alcohol. Make punk seem more crazy and absurd.

Punk is like a shining diamond in a pile of junk, arousing more people's attention. Punk is also like a huge beast, constantly strengthening itself, devouring metal elements, Gothic elements, rock elements, everything that can be devoured. And under the flood of time, it has developed so far.

Today's punk is not really the original punk. Although the dark extreme period has been covered by today's gorgeous elements, there are pop punk, rock punk, heavy metal punk, Gothic Punk, rap punk

They may have been completely different, or even denied each other.

But it is undeniable that the supreme "creed" of "speak your own words with your own voice" baptizes every punk fan.


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